Our Mission

Established in August of 2019, Filmtypes aims to be the largest online film community in the world. We love film photography and want to see others love it too. Our intention is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things related to analog film photography.

About Filmtypes

Hi, my name is Dominik, and I am the creator of filmtypes. 👋

I created this website because I love analog film photography and strongly believe in its prevalence. To get more and more people into film photography, we need to educate them as good as possible.

When I first got into film photography, I had a hard time figuring out which films I should buy. The beauty of film is that each emulsion has its very own characteristics which make it stand apart from the others. While there are already some great blogs about film photography and particularly articles about film stocks, there is little to nothing out there which helps people finding the right film in a very condensed and dedicated way.

Filmtypes is a website and community that educates beginners and intermediate photographers on the variety of analog film. As of now, the site shows film characteristics, photo examples, written & video reviews, and provides a way to engage in interesting discussions.

In the future, I will continuously improve the website by adding even more information and film stocks. If you like this site, I would love to get your support by donating me a cup of coffee ☕

Your support helps keep the site up and running (domain costs, security, and certificates, …) and helps me stay caffeinated to shoot more film.

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