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A simple but effective exposure calculator that you can print out and fit right into your pocket. Never miss a shot again with your very own light meter.

Based on the Sunny 16 Rule.

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What do I get?

You will get a high-resolution printable PDF template that you can print out, cut out and carry with you whenever you want.

Are we back in the 80s?

Yes! You do have to print it out and craft it yourself. It will be always with you even when your phone battery dies :)

Is it free?

No but it will cost you less than a grande cappuccino and helps supporting the development of filmtypes. Your payment is 100% secure and you can pay with either paypal or credit card.

Do you repost my sample on IG?

Glad that you are asking! Print out your card and make it as beautiful as it gets. Post it on instagram, tag us, and we will reshare it.

The Sunny 16 Rule

In photography, the sunny 16 rule aka the sunny f/16 rule is a method of estimating correct daylight exposures without a light meter. The basic rule is, "On a sunny day set aperture to f/16 and shutter speed to the reciprocal of the ISO film speed for a subject in direct sunlight."

Based on this rule we can then also calculate exposure settings for other light conditions such as rainy or cloudy weather. Our exposure guide makes this super simple and also fun to learn how aperture, film speed and shutter speed influence each other.

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