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The Analog Film Exposure Calculator

A simple but effective exposure calculator that you can print out and never miss a shot again – based on the Sunny 16 Rule.

Used by dozens of film photographers

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Don’t let poor exposure
ruin your roll.

With just 35 frames, every shot matters.

Keep our Sunny 16 calculator in your pocket and correctly expose your shot every time. We pinky promise

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No need to wait

Immediately print out our high-resolution PDF template, piece it together, and carry with you whenever you want. DIY is fun!

Learn & memorize

The more you use our calculator, the more you'll be able to memorize your exposure settings.

Stay analog

Stay focused in your most precious moment. No need to get distracted by an app on your phone.

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Used by dozens of film photographers like you

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This is how it works

Using our film photography exposure calculator, you can easily determine the correct aperture and shutter speed settings based on your film's ISO and current light conditions.


Print it out

Print out our high-resolution PDF template. The cartridges of your printer are the limit.


Craft it

Cut it out and glue it together. Takes you less than 3 minutes and seriously, when was the last time you did that?


Read & Expose

Let say we have a cloudy lighting situation and are shooting a ISO 200 film:

Want a shallow depth of field for shooting portraits?
→ Use f/2.8 + 1/1000s

Want a deep depth of field for landscape shots?
→ Use f/16 + 1/30s

Pro Tip: When in doubt we suggest to overexpose your image by +1 or +2 stops.

The Science Behind Our Calculator

The Sunny 16 Rule ✺

Let's talk about the magic that makes our analog film exposure calculator so reliable: the Sunny 16 Rule. This rule is the secret sauce that ensures you never waste a precious frame.

The Sunny 16 Rule is a tried-and-true method used by photographers for decades. It’s a simple yet powerful guideline that helps you achieve perfect exposure without the need for a fancy light meter. Here’s how it works:

On a bright, sunny day, set your aperture to f/16. Your shutter speed should then be the reciprocal of your film’s ISO. For example, if you’re shooting with ISO 100 film, your shutter speed should be 1/100 second. Easy, right?

But wait, there's more! The beauty of the Sunny 16 Rule is its versatility. It’s not just for sunny days; it gives you a baseline to adjust for different lighting conditions. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Sunny Day (Sunny 16): Aperture f/16, Shutter speed 1/ISO.
  • Slight Overcast: Aperture f/11, Shutter speed 1/ISO.
  • Overcast: Aperture f/8, Shutter speed 1/ISO.
  • Heavy Overcast: Aperture f/5.6, Shutter speed 1/ISO.
  • Open Shade or Sunset: Aperture f/4, Shutter speed 1/ISO.

Our exposure calculator takes this classic rule and simplifies it even further. By aligning your film’s ISO with the current lighting condition on our calculator, you can instantly see the ideal aperture and shutter speed combination. No guesswork, no wasted frames—just perfectly exposed shots every time.

Why It Works

The Sunny 16 Rule works because it’s based on the fundamental properties of light and how it interacts with your film. It’s like having a scientific formula in your back pocket. The rule accounts for the amount of light that typically falls on a subject under various conditions, allowing you to adjust your camera settings accordingly.

Keeping It Analog

In a world dominated by digital technology, our analog film exposure calculator is a breath of fresh air. It keeps you focused on the moment, without the distractions of an app or electronic light meter. Plus, it’s a great way to memorize your settings and truly understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

A Tool for Every Photographer

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey into analog film photography, our calculator is designed to be an invaluable tool. It’s perfect for those times when you need to make quick adjustments on the fly or when you’re shooting in unpredictable lighting conditions.

Buy once.

So next time you’re out with your film camera, don’t let poor exposure ruin your roll. Keep our ✺ Sunny 16 calculator in your pocket, and make every shot count.

Trust us, your 35 frames will thank you.

Buy now for only $4.95
With your purchase you agree to our Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?

You will get a high-resolution printable PDF template that you can print out, cut out and carry with you whenever you want.

Are we back in the 80s?

Yes! You do have to print it out and craft it yourself. It will be always with you even when your phone battery dies :)

Is it free?

Nope, but it will cost you less than a grande cappuccino and helps supporting the development of Filmtypes. Your payment is 100% secure and you can pay with credit card or PayPal.

Could you share my story/post/reel on instagram?

Glad that you are asking! We'd LOVE to see you share your calculator on the socials. Simply tag us @filmtypes and we'll reshare it. it.

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