Canonet QL19Film Camera

Canonet QL19

  • Camera Type for Canonet QL19


  • Film Type for Canonet QL19


  • Manufacturer of Canonet QL19


  • Origin Country of Canonet QL19


Size & Weight

  • Camera Size for Canonet QL19140 x 82 x 61 mm
  • Camera Weight for Canonet QL19620 g
  • Camera Build Material for Canonet QL19Metal


  • Camera Focus Mode for Canonet QL19Manual Focus
  • Camera Focus Type for Canonet QL19Rangefinder


  • Camera Shutter Speed Range for Canonet QL191 sec – 1/500 sec
  • Camera ISO Speed Range for Canonet QL1925 ISO – 800 ISO
  • Camera Exposure Modes for Canonet QL19Aperture Priority, Manual
  • Camera Exposure Meter for Canonet QL19Center Weighted
  • Camera Viewfinder for Canonet QL19Parallax Corrected

Lens & Accessories

  • Camera Lens Type for Canonet QL19Fixed Lens
  • Common Camera Lenses for Canonet QL19Canon 45mm f/1.9 is a common lens for the Canonet QL19 Canon 45mm f/1.9
  • Camera Flash for Canonet QL19Canonet QL19 Flash No Built-In Flash
  • Camera Common Accessories for Canonet QL19Lens Hood is a common accessory for the Canonet QL19 Lens HoodLeather Case is a common accessory for the Canonet QL19 Leather Case


  • Camera Battery Type for Canonet QL19PX625
  • Battery Life for Canonet QL19Approximately 1 year
  • Battery Replaceable for Canonet QL19Replaceable


Use Cases

  • Camera Use Cases for Canonet QL19
    Street Photography

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Description for Canonet QL19 Description for Canonet QL19

The Canonet QL19 is a compact rangefinder camera produced by Canon in the 1960s. It features a fixed 45mm f/1.9 lens, which is known for its sharpness and low-light capabilities. The camera has a built-in light meter that provides accurate exposure readings, making it easy to capture well-exposed images. The QL in its name stands for Quick Loading, as it uses a unique film loading system that allows for fast and convenient film changes. The Canonet QL19 is a reliable and versatile camera that is perfect for both beginners and experienced photographers.

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Some versions of the Canonet QL19 have a built-in flash, which adds to its convenience. The camera uses 35mm film and has a manual focus system with a rangefinder for precise focusing. It has a shutter speed range of 1/4 to 1/500 seconds, allowing for various creative possibilities. The Canonet QL19 is known for its solid build quality and smooth operation. It is a popular choice among film enthusiasts and collectors.

Example Photos for Canonet QL19 Example Photos for Canonet QL19

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Description for Canonet QL19 Pros and Cons for Canonet QL19

Compact and lightweight design for easy portability

High-quality Canon lens for sharp and detailed images

Built-in Canon Quick Load (QL) system for fast and easy film loading

Accurate and reliable built-in light meter for proper exposure

Limited manual control options

No interchangeable lenses

No built-in motor drive for advanced shooting modes

Video Reviews for Canonet QL19 How to Use the Camera Canonet QL19

Video Reviews for Canonet QL19 How to Load Film Canonet QL19

Description for Canonet QL19 Potential Problems and Fixes for Canonet QL19

Shutter Sticking

The Canonet QL19 is known for its shutter sticking problem. This can be caused by old lubricants that have dried up. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent this issue.

Light Meter Failure

The light meter in the Canonet QL19 can sometimes fail due to age. Using an external light meter can be a good workaround for this problem.

Film Loading Difficulties

The Canonet QL19's quick load system can sometimes cause difficulties when loading film. Make sure to load the film correctly and carefully to prevent this issue.

Description for Canonet QL19 Frequently Asked Questions for Canonet QL19

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