Fujica AZ-1Film Camera

Fujica AZ-1

  • Camera Type for Fujica AZ-1


  • Film Type for Fujica AZ-1


  • Manufacturer of Fujica AZ-1


  • Origin Country of Fujica AZ-1


Size & Weight

  • Camera Size for Fujica AZ-1146 x 92 x 54 mm
  • Camera Weight for Fujica AZ-1750 g
  • Camera Build Material for Fujica AZ-1Metal


  • Camera Focus Mode for Fujica AZ-1Manual Focus
  • Camera Focus Type for Fujica AZ-1Split Image


  • Camera Shutter Speed Range for Fujica AZ-11 sec – 1/2000 sec
  • Camera ISO Speed Range for Fujica AZ-125 ISO – 3200 ISO
  • Camera Exposure Modes for Fujica AZ-1Manual, Aperture Priority
  • Camera Exposure Meter for Fujica AZ-1Center Weighted
  • Camera Viewfinder for Fujica AZ-1Pentaprism

Lens & Accessories

  • Camera Lens Type for Fujica AZ-1Interchangeable Lens
  • Camera Lens Mount for Fujica AZ-1M42 Mount
  • Common Camera Lenses for Fujica AZ-1Fujinon 50mm f/1.4 is a common lens for the Fujica AZ-1 Fujinon 50mm f/1.4Takumar 55mm f/1.8 is a common lens for the Fujica AZ-1 Takumar 55mm f/1.8
  • Camera Flash for Fujica AZ-1Fujica AZ-1 Flash No Built-In Flash
  • Camera Common Accessories for Fujica AZ-1Lens Hood is a common accessory for the Fujica AZ-1 Lens HoodLeather Case is a common accessory for the Fujica AZ-1 Leather Case


  • Camera Battery Type for Fujica AZ-1SR44
  • Battery Life for Fujica AZ-1Approximately 1 year
  • Battery Replaceable for Fujica AZ-1Replaceable


Use Cases

  • Camera Use Cases for Fujica AZ-1
    Street Photography
    Portrait Photography
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Description for Fujica AZ-1 Description for Fujica AZ-1

The Fujica AZ-1 is a 35mm SLR camera produced by Fuji Photo Film Co. in the late 1970s. It features a fully electronic shutter with speeds ranging from 2 seconds to 1/1000th of a second, as well as a built-in light meter for accurate exposure control. The camera has a focal plane shutter and a pentaprism viewfinder, providing a bright and clear view of the scene. It has a bayonet lens mount, allowing for a wide range of interchangeable lenses to be used. The AZ-1 also has a self-timer function and a hot shoe for attaching an external flash. With its compact and lightweight design, the Fujica AZ-1 is a versatile and reliable camera for both beginner and advanced photographers.

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The Fujica AZ-1 was part of the Fujica AZ series, which included other models such as the AZ-1 Professional and AZ-1 Motor. It was designed to compete with other popular SLR cameras of the time, such as the Canon AE-1 and Nikon FM. The camera uses a battery-powered electronic system for its shutter and exposure control, so it requires a working battery to function properly. The Fujica AZ-1 is compatible with Fujinon lenses, which are known for their high-quality optics and sharpness. It also has a depth of field preview button, allowing photographers to preview the depth of field before taking a shot.

Example Photos for Fujica AZ-1 Example Photos for Fujica AZ-1

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Description for Fujica AZ-1 Pros and Cons for Fujica AZ-1

Fully mechanical camera, no need for batteries

Compact and lightweight design

Interchangeable lens system for versatility

Accurate exposure metering system

Easy to use with intuitive controls

Limited availability of accessories and spare parts

Video Reviews for Fujica AZ-1 How to Use the Camera Fujica AZ-1

Video Reviews for Fujica AZ-1 How to Load Film Fujica AZ-1

Description for Fujica AZ-1 Potential Problems and Fixes for Fujica AZ-1

Battery Dependency

The Fujica AZ-1 is dependent on batteries for its metering system. If the batteries die, the metering system will not work. It's always a good idea to carry spare batteries.

Shutter Issues

Some users have reported issues with the shutter sticking or failing to fire. Regular use and proper storage can help prevent this issue.

Lens Mount Wear

The lens mount on the Fujica AZ-1 can wear out over time, causing issues with lens attachment. Regular inspection and gentle handling can help prevent this.

Description for Fujica AZ-1 Frequently Asked Questions for Fujica AZ-1

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