Fujica GS645WFilm Camera

Fujica GS645W

  • Camera Type for Fujica GS645W


  • Film Type for Fujica GS645W


  • Manufacturer of Fujica GS645W


  • Origin Country of Fujica GS645W


Size & Weight

  • Camera Size for Fujica GS645W161 x 112 x 64 mm
  • Camera Weight for Fujica GS645W750g
  • Camera Build Material for Fujica GS645WPlastic


  • Camera Focus Mode for Fujica GS645WManual Focus
  • Camera Focus Type for Fujica GS645WRangefinder


  • Camera Shutter Speed Range for Fujica GS645W1s – 1/500s
  • Camera ISO Speed Range for Fujica GS645W25 ISO – 3200 ISO
  • Camera Exposure Modes for Fujica GS645WAperture Priority, Manual
  • Camera Exposure Meter for Fujica GS645WCenter-weighted
  • Camera Viewfinder for Fujica GS645WAlbada-type viewfinder, 0.5x magnification

Lens & Accessories

  • Camera Lens Type for Fujica GS645WFixed Lens
  • Common Camera Lenses for Fujica GS645WFujinon W 45mm f/5.6 is a common lens for the Fujica GS645W Fujinon W 45mm f/5.6
  • Camera Flash for Fujica GS645WFujica GS645W Flash No Built-In Flash
  • Camera Common Accessories for Fujica GS645WLens hood is a common accessory for the Fujica GS645W Lens hoodSoft case is a common accessory for the Fujica GS645W Soft caseStrap is a common accessory for the Fujica GS645W Strap


  • Camera Battery Type for Fujica GS645WTwo SR44 (silver oxide) or LR44 (alkaline) batteries
  • Battery Life for Fujica GS645WApproximately 1 year with normal use
  • Battery Replaceable for Fujica GS645WReplaceable


Use Cases

  • Camera Use Cases for Fujica GS645W
    Street Photography
    Travel Photography

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Description for Fujica GS645W Description for Fujica GS645W

The Fujica GS645W is a medium format rangefinder camera that was introduced by Fujifilm in 1984. It features a wide-angle 45mm f/5.6 lens, which is equivalent to a 28mm lens in 35mm format. The camera has a built-in light meter for accurate exposure control and a bright viewfinder for easy composition. It has a fully manual operation, allowing photographers to have full control over their settings. The GS645W is known for its compact and lightweight design, making it a great choice for travel and street photography. It produces high-quality images with excellent sharpness and detail. Overall, the Fujica GS645W is a reliable and versatile medium format camera that is loved by many film photographers.

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Some notable features of the Fujica GS645W include a built-in hot shoe for external flash, a self-timer for delayed shutter release, and a tripod mount for stable long exposures. The camera uses 120 roll film, which allows for 15 square format (6x4.5cm) images per roll. It has a manual film advance and rewind mechanism, making it easy to switch between rolls of film. The GS645W has a sturdy build quality and ergonomic design, with a comfortable grip for handheld shooting. It is compatible with various accessories, such as filters and lens hoods, to enhance the shooting experience. Overall, the Fujica GS645W is a reliable and versatile medium format camera that is loved by many film photographers.

Example Photos for Fujica GS645W Example Photos for Fujica GS645W

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Description for Fujica GS645W Pros and Cons for Fujica GS645W

Wide-angle lens for capturing expansive scenes

Compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around

High-quality build and construction

Bright and clear viewfinder for easy framing and composition

Manual exposure control for creative flexibility

Built-in light meter for accurate exposure readings

Limited focal length options due to fixed lens

No built-in flash

Manual film advance and rewind

Video Reviews for Fujica GS645W How to Use the Camera Fujica GS645W

Video Reviews for Fujica GS645W How to Load Film Fujica GS645W

Description for Fujica GS645W Potential Problems and Fixes for Fujica GS645W

Shutter Failure

The Fujica GS645W is known for shutter failures. The camera uses a Copal shutter, which can be prone to sticking or failing entirely. Regular use and exercise of the shutter can help prevent this issue.

Bellows Leaks

The bellows on the GS645W can develop light leaks over time. It's recommended to regularly inspect the bellows for any signs of wear or damage, and to store the camera in a dry place to prevent deterioration.

Viewfinder Fogging

Some users have reported issues with the viewfinder fogging up on the GS645W. This can be resolved by having the camera professionally cleaned and serviced.

Description for Fujica GS645W Frequently Asked Questions for Fujica GS645W

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