Nikon S2Film Camera

Nikon S2

  • Camera Type for Nikon S2


  • Film Type for Nikon S2


  • Manufacturer of Nikon S2


  • Origin Country of Nikon S2


Size & Weight

  • Camera Size for Nikon S2140 x 80 x 35 mm
  • Camera Weight for Nikon S2620 grams
  • Camera Build Material for Nikon S2Metal


  • Camera Focus Mode for Nikon S2Manual Focus
  • Camera Focus Type for Nikon S2Rangefinder


  • Camera Shutter Speed Range for Nikon S21 second – 1/1000 second
  • Camera ISO Speed Range for Nikon S225 ISO – 1600 ISO
  • Camera Exposure Modes for Nikon S2Manual
  • Camera Exposure Meter for Nikon S2None
  • Camera Viewfinder for Nikon S2Rangefinder with parallax correction

Lens & Accessories

  • Camera Lens Type for Nikon S2Interchangeable Lens
  • Camera Lens Mount for Nikon S2Nikon S-mount
  • Common Camera Lenses for Nikon S2Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 is a common lens for the Nikon S2 Nikkor 50mm f/1.4Nikkor 35mm f/3.5 is a common lens for the Nikon S2 Nikkor 35mm f/3.5
  • Camera Flash for Nikon S2Nikon S2 Flash No Built-In Flash
  • Camera Common Accessories for Nikon S2Lens Hood is a common accessory for the Nikon S2 Lens HoodLeather Case is a common accessory for the Nikon S2 Leather Case


  • Camera Battery Type for Nikon S2None
  • Battery Life for Nikon S2Not applicable


Use Cases

  • Camera Use Cases for Nikon S2
    Street Photography
    Portrait Photography
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Description for Nikon S2 Description for Nikon S2

The Nikon S2 is a 35mm rangefinder camera produced by Nikon from 1954 to 1957. It is the successor to the Nikon S and features several improvements. The camera has a solid and durable construction, with a chrome-plated brass body. It has a built-in coupled rangefinder and a bright viewfinder, providing accurate focusing and framing. The S2 uses interchangeable lenses with a Nikon S mount, allowing photographers to choose from a wide range of high-quality lenses. It has a focal plane shutter with speeds ranging from 1/1000 to 1 second, as well as a bulb mode for long exposures. The camera has a rewind knob for easy film rewinding and a film advance lever for quick and efficient film transport. Overall, the Nikon S2 is a reliable and versatile camera, suitable for both amateur and professional photographers.

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The Nikon S2 was a popular choice among photojournalists and documentary photographers in the 1950s. It was known for its excellent build quality and reliable performance. The camera has a classic design and is highly regarded by collectors and vintage camera enthusiasts. The Nikon S2 is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including external viewfinders, motor drives, and flash units. It is worth noting that the camera uses a non-standard film format, known as the Nikon S2 format, which requires special film spools. However, adapters are available to use standard 35mm film in the camera.

Example Photos for Nikon S2 Example Photos for Nikon S2

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Description for Nikon S2 Pros and Cons for Nikon S2

High-quality build and construction

Excellent image quality

Interchangeable lenses

Manual focus only

Limited exposure control

No built-in light meter

Video Reviews for Nikon S2 How to Use the Camera Nikon S2

Video Reviews for Nikon S2 How to Load Film Nikon S2

Description for Nikon S2 Potential Problems and Fixes for Nikon S2

Shutter Capping

Shutter capping is a common issue with the Nikon S2. This happens when the shutter doesn't fully expose the film, leading to uneven exposure. Regular servicing and cleaning can prevent this problem.

Rangefinder Misalignment

The rangefinder of the Nikon S2 can get misaligned over time, affecting the focus accuracy. This can be fixed by a professional camera repair service.

Slow Shutter Speeds

The Nikon S2 can struggle with slow shutter speeds, leading to blurry images. Regular use and exercise of the shutter can help keep it in good working order.

Description for Nikon S2 Frequently Asked Questions for Nikon S2

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